Tanjina Akter Koly

Research Assistant

Area of Expertise: Report writing, Data collection, Data cleaning, Data analysis, Data visualization

Joins MOMODa: 09/04/2023





Bachelor in Economics, UIU

Master’s in Applied Economics, Brac University


Short Bio: 

Tanjina Akter Koly is a diligent and enthusiastic individual with a passion for research and problem-solving. She completed her undergraduate studies at United International University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at BRAC University. With a strong foundation in economics, Tanjina possesses a deep understanding of economic theories for development, allowing her to analyze and interpret complex data effectively.

As a research assistant at MOMODa Foundation, Tanjina utilizes her exceptional soft skills to contribute to various projects. She excels in project management, adeptly identifying and resolving problems that arise along the way. Her proficiency in ClickUp, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace enables her to handle data collection, reporting, and presentation tasks with precision.

Tanjina’s ability to write detailed case studies and reports showcase her excellent communication and writing skills. She is a highly cooperative team worker, known for her adaptability and appreciation of diversity. With a logical and analytical mindset, Tanjina consistently contributes valuable insights to her team. Her dedication, management prowess, and eagerness to learn make her a valuable asset to any research-oriented organization.

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