Shanzida Faisal

Research Assistant

Area of Expertise: Report writing, Data collection, Data Cleaning, Data cleaning, Data visualization, Questionnaire development.

Joins MOMODa: 05/02/2023




Masters in Applied Economics(running), Brac University

Bachelors in Economics, Brac University 


Short Bio: 

Shanzida Faisal is a young and enthusiastic professional known for her exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills. With a strong ability to manage and coordinate projects, she consistently delivers outstanding results. Highly self-motivated and possessing excellent communication and negotiation skills, Shanzida thrives in diverse and challenging environments.

Shanzida completed her undergraduate degree in Economics from Brac University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Applied Economics at BRAC University, establishing a solid educational foundation. Presently, she serves as a Research Assistant at the prestigious MOMODa Foundation, where she contributes her expertise.

Shanzida’s leadership abilities are evident through her involvement in extracurricular activities. In 2023, she held the position of Secretary General of JCI Dhaka Cosmopolitan, showcasing her organizational and managerial skills. Additionally, as a Senior Secretary of the BRAC University MONON Club, she successfully organized numerous events, competitions, and charity programs.

With proficiency in MS Office, G-suite, Stata, R Studio, Clickup, and Google Workspace, Shanzida possesses a diverse range of technical skills. Her key competencies include project management, documentation, reporting, attention to detail, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Furthermore, she exhibits excellent communication and presentation skills, negotiation prowess, and a remarkable adaptability to change. Shanzida’s dedication to personal and professional growth makes her a valuable asset to any organization.

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