Mohammad Shahnewaz Hossain Ansari

Executive (Accounts)

Area of Expertise: Book Keeping, Cash handling, Bank Payment and Receipts, Receivables and Payables, Updating Books daily (Vouchering), Management, and Audit Reports.

Joins MOMODa: 01/12/2022




Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

Short Bio: 

Mohammad Shahnewaz Hossain Ansari is an Executive in the Accounts department of MOMODa FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized communities in Bangladesh. He has a B.B.A degree from Uttara University, where he studied accounting and finance.

Mr. Ansari has previous experience as a bookkeeper and payroll administrator at Orion Group, one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh. He worked under Orion Tea & Consumer Product Limited, where he handled the financial records of the company’s products and services. He is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records, preparing financial statements, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations at MOMODa FOUNDATION.

Mr. Ansari has strong communication skills, which help him to convey financial information clearly and effectively to his colleagues and clients. He also has excellent time management skills, which enable him to meet deadlines and prioritize tasks efficiently. He follows ethical behavior and principles in his work, such as honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. He is adaptable to changing situations and challenges and can work well under pressure. He is a team player who collaborates with others to achieve common goals and objectives.

Mr. Ansari is also a problem solver who can analyze data and find solutions to financial issues. He values building positive relationships with clients and providing them with valuable insights and advice on their financial matters. He is also a continuous learner who is always willing to update his skills and knowledge in the dynamic field of accounting. He attends workshops, seminars, and online courses to keep abreast of the latest trends and practices in accounting.

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