MD.Rasheduzzaman Rashed


Area of Expertise: Collect Information (SurveyCTO, Cspro, etc); Data Clean; Data Analyze; Field Visit (Supervision); Data Entry; Communication with DC, UNO, Chairman, Members, Teachers & other necessary base

Joins MOMODa: 3/1/2016




BA/BSS – Gaibandha Adarsha College,Gaibandha – 2nd Division – 2005; ALIM – Khankasorif Sr.Fazil Madrasha,Gaibandha – Science – 2nd – 2000 ; DAKHIL – Khankasorif Sr.Fazil Madrasha,Gaibandha- Science – 2nd – 1998


Short Bio:

MD. Rasheduzzaman Rashed completed his BA/BSS from Gaibandha Adarsha College in 2005 with 2nd Division. He also completed his ALIM from Khankasorif Sr.Fazil Madrasha, Gaibandha in Science with 2nd Division in 2000 and DAKHIL from Khankasorif Sr.Fazil Madrasha, Gaibandha in Science with 2nd Division in 1998. With 11 years of professional experience in various domains, he possesses a comprehensive skill set in information collection, utilizing platforms such as SurveyCTO and Cspro. He is proficient in data cleaning, analysis, and entry. He excels in field visits, providing supervision, and effectively communicating with key stakeholders, including DCs, UNOs, chairpersons, members, teachers, and other essential personnel.

Having joined MOMODa Foundation in 2016, he has been instrumental in undertaking projects related to FLFP, HFDC, JPA-L, and freelancing. He exhibits a high level of dedication and professionalism. Before his tenure at MOMODa Foundation, he gained valuable work experience as a Research Enumerator at SANEM. This emphasizes his commitment to personal growth and skill development

My Skills & Abilities –
Good team management.
Disaster response, emergency relief, and rehabilitation activities.
Working experience in Mainland, char land, and remote areas.
Good team working and hardworking experiences.
Microsoft Office Suite ( MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint ).

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