Md Mushfiqur Rahman Shumon

Manager (Research)

Area of Expertise: Data Management & Analysis; Research

Joins MOMODa: 15/04/2024




BSS Hons in Anthropology





Short Bio:

Mushfiqur Rahman Shumon is a dynamic and versatile professional with a strong foundation in anthropology from the University of Chittagong. His unique academic and professional journey has been marked by a deep dive into qualitative and quantitative analysis, working with reputable organizations on various projects as a researcher and data manager. Mushfiqur’s expertise in harnessing the power of data to inform decisions and create innovative solutions has been a defining aspect of his career.

Mushfiqur’s foray into the tech sphere, particularly automation, stems from an enduring thirst for knowledge with practical applications. His transformative experience as an English debater during his university days further fueled this passion, as he honed critical thinking, strategic articulation, and leadership skills. Transitioning into a respected debate coach and instructor, Mushfiqur nurtured the analytical and rhetorical skills of aspiring debaters, fostering a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives and collaborative discourse.

With a diverse skill set encompassing research, data analysis, project management, and business communication, Mushfiqur has made significant contributions to various programs and initiatives. Notable engagements include his role as a Research Manager for the D-Lab Initiative, supporting the implementation of ICT in education in Bangladesh, and as a Program Consultant and Notetaker for USAID’s YouthPower2 project. His expertise in qualitative research methods, data management, and visualization has been instrumental in driving the success of these endeavors.

Mushfiqur’s commitment to professional development is evident through his certifications from esteemed institutions such as PMI, NASBA, WHO, and BYLC. His active involvement in organizations like the Cantonment English School and College Alumni Association and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award further showcases his leadership and community engagement.

With a proven track record of operational excellence, a forward-looking stance on technological advancements, and a strong ability to facilitate meaningful discourse, he is well-equipped to make significant contributions to collaborative and strategic goals.

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