Md Aman Talukder

HR Intern

Area of Expertise: Human Resource Management

Joins MOMODa: 01/06/2023




BBA Hons (Mejor in-HR), European University of Bangladesh


Short Bio:

Md Aman Talukder is an HR Intern at MOMODa FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that works to empower marginalized communities in Bangladesh. He is currently pursuing his BBA Hon’s degree in Human Resource Management from the European University of Bangladesh, where he has developed a keen interest in the field of HRM and its impact on organizational effectiveness and social justice.

As an HR Intern, Md Aman assists the HR team in various tasks such as Preparing correspondence, documentation, letters, and other documents; Organizing meetings and preparing meeting minutes; and Regular follow-up of incoming and outgoing mail.  He also participates in strategic workforce planning and analysis, helping to align human resources with the organizational goals and vision.

Md Aman is passionate about learning new skills and gaining practical experience in HRM. He believes that HRM is not only about managing people, but also about creating a positive and inclusive work culture that fosters innovation, collaboration, and diversity. He hopes to contribute to the mission and values of MOMODa FOUNDATION by supporting its staff and beneficiaries with his HR skills and knowledge.

In his spare time, Md Aman enjoys watching movies and playing cricket. He also likes to volunteer for social causes and network with other HR professionals. He is always eager to explore new opportunities and challenges that can help him grow personally and professionally.

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