Jahangir Alam

Manager (Research)


Area of Expertise: Field Management; Data Management

Joins MOMODa: 01/03/2020






B.S.S (Hon’s) in Economics 

M.S.S in Economics 



1. Enclaves Survey in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Enclaves People,

2. Income Sharing Contracts and Micro-Enterprises (ISCME),

3. High Frequent Data Collection: A Case Study of Bangladesh (HFDC),

4. Research on Micro equity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing Based Micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh


Short Bio: 

Jahangir Alam is a Manager (Research) at MOMODa FOUNDATION, a research-oriented development organization that aims to create a society with reduced poverty and inequality. He has more than Five years of experience working with several research and development organizations, including IDE-JETRO (Japan), PEDL, GRIPS, and JPAL.

He has contributed to projects on topics such as environment, micro-credit, education, enclaves, financial inclusion, and advocacy. He has also been trained on how to design and implement field experiments and project monitoring and evaluation, and how to use data analysis tools such as CSPro, SurveyCTO, and STATA. He has a master’s degree in economics from Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur.

He was also an editor of the MOMODa Foundation Newsletter and several projects. Jahangir is passionate about finding innovative solutions to social and economic challenges and disseminating research findings to diverse audiences. He enjoys travelling and exploring new places.

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