Ahamed Jobayer

Senior Officer (Research)

Area of Expertise:  Data Cleaning; Data Visualization; Questionnaire Development; Data collection; Field Management and Monitoring

Joins MOMODa: 18/03/2024






Bachelor of Laws – Green University of Bangladesh ;



  1. The possible introduction of digital currency exchange in Bangladesh: a legal analysis


Short Bio:

Ahamed Jobayer’s background underscores a robust foundation in law acquired from the Green University of Bangladesh, complemented by active involvement in extracurricular activities, notably leadership roles within the University Debating Club. Through these engagements, he cultivated critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and adaptation. Besides that, his keen interest in technology and tools connects him with the technical realm. His adeptness with various tools such as MS Office, G-suite, Stata, SurveyCTO, and Google Workspace reflects his diverse skill set.

Jobayer’s interests traverse diverse domains including Sustainable Development, Development Policy, Public Policy, International Politics, Law, and Technology, revealing a holistic approach to his career aspirations. Driven by a desire to make a positive impact, his overarching goal is to contribute meaningfully to the world through research endeavors that benefit society.

With his academic foundation, leadership experience, and technical proficiency, Jobayer is well-equipped to pursue his ambitions and effect transformative change in the areas he holds.

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