Research Assistant

Area of Expertise: Systematic Review; Meta-analysis; Data science; Multilevel analysis; Machine Learning

Joins MOMODa: 18/06/2023






M.sc in Statistics, Khulna University

B.sc in Statistics, Khulna University



  1. Olfactory disorder in COVID-19 patients: epidemiology and features: a comprehensive
    study and meta-analysis of 14105 cases.
    Accepted Article (Peer-reviewed).
  2. Application of machine learning-based algorithms for determining the C-section among mothers in Bangladesh (Submitted article).


Short Bio: 

Abdul Mumin Bin Faruk is a statistician and data analyst with a passion for solving real-world problems using data. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Statistics from Khulna University, where he also worked as a research assistant in the Research and Field Monitoring Sector.

During his academic and professional career, he has acquired a strong background in statistical theory and methods, as well as practical skills in data processing, analysis, and visualization using various tools such as RStudio, Stata, SPSS, Kobo Toolbox, Microsoft Power BI, and MS Office.

Mr. Mumin has participated in several research projects and publications on topics such as poverty, health, education, and environment, applying his expertise in descriptive and inferential statistics, regression analysis, multivariate analysis, survey design, and data quality assessment.

He is currently looking for new opportunities to apply his skills and knowledge in the field of data science, where he can contribute to the development of innovative solutions for social and economic challenges.

He is eager to learn new technologies and techniques and to collaborate with other professionals who share his passion for data.

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