June 13, 2023

World Bank Economic Review (WBER) has published one of Foundation’s papers

We are excited to announce that the renowned World Bank Economic Review (WBER) has recently published one of our foundation’s groundbreaking papers. Dive into the latest edition to explore this insightful research that sheds light on key economic issues and policy implications. Delve into the rigorous analysis and evidence-based findings presented in the paper, which contributes to advancing our understanding of global economic challenges. Join the intellectual discourse and stay informed about the latest research shaping the field of economics. World Bank Economic Review (WBER) is the leading development journal, which has published one of our papers recently. It is excerpted from one of FOUNDATION’s implemented projects named “The Demand for and the Impact of Solar Lanterns in Northern Bangladesh”. The experimental intervention was done in unelectrified areas in northern Bangladesh and started its journey in 2013. The experiment aimed to investigate the effectiveness of solar products in improving children’s educational achievement. Employing an RCT set-up, the research objective was to improve the understanding of the direct causal impact of access to solar lanterns on various outcomes both at the household level and at the individual level. The paper found rather a negative impact of the solar lamp on exam scores of the treated children and a diminutive improvement in health outcomes.

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