June 14, 2023

Welcome to 2020. New days are waiting for MOMODa FOUNDATION

As the calendar flips to 2020, MOMODa FOUNDATION embarks on an exciting journey, filled with new opportunities and possibilities. This year promises fresh beginnings, innovative initiatives, and impactful projects that will further the foundation’s mission of driving positive social change.

With a steadfast commitment to making a difference in the lives of individuals and communities, MOMODa FOUNDATION is poised to take on the challenges and complexities of the ever-evolving social landscape. Through their various programs and initiatives, they aim to address critical issues such as poverty alleviation, education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and more.

2020 holds immense potential for MOMODa FOUNDATION to expand its reach, strengthen partnerships, and amplify its impact. By leveraging their expertise, resources, and passion, they are determined to create meaningful change that uplifts and empowers those in need.

In the year ahead, MOMODa FOUNDATION will continue to innovate, adapt, and collaborate with like-minded organizations and individuals who share their vision for a better world. They will remain at the forefront of social innovation, exploring creative solutions and implementing effective strategies to address complex societal challenges.

As they welcome 2020, MOMODa FOUNDATION is filled with optimism, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose. They are ready to make a lasting difference and leave a positive imprint on the communities they serve. Together, with their dedicated team, supporters, and partners, they strive to create a brighter future where every individual can thrive and fulfill their potential.

Here’s to the new days that await MOMODa FOUNDATION in 2020—days filled with inspiration, impact, and transformative change.

Wish a great happy new year to all our readers. Since 2011, MOMODa FOUNDATION has been working in the field of developmental economics and though recent years have transformed into becoming a world-class NGO in Bangladesh. Most of the credit goes to our capacity development programs, and experience of working with researchers and funding agencies from the world elite groups. Our employees, whom we rather call the family members of the MOMODa family feel much more capable, motivated, and willing to make an impact. We believe that in the year 2020, we will develop ourselves even further and be the best in Bangladesh in terms of impact study, survey, field works, and overall project development and implementation. We look forward to your cooperation and well wishes.

Thanking you to be in touch with MOMODa FOUNDATION.

MD. Jasim Uddin


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