June 13, 2023

Solar Boat Charge project has been begun it’s production phase

Long ago, at a time when technology was still in its infancy, MOMODa Foundation joined forces with Southampton University UK and Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK), Gaibandha Bangladesh to embark on an ambitious project known as the Solar Boat charged Project. The aim was to replace the archaic kerosene lanterns that illuminated the homes of un-electrified char households. It was a noble endeavor that sought to bring light and progress to those living in darkness.

Upon a sturdy boat, a marvel of ingenuity for its time, an 800 WP solar panel was meticulously installed on its roof. This marvel of modern engineering harnessed the power of the sun, transforming its rays into a viable energy source. Alongside the solar panel, a 120 Ah, 12V battery, charge controller, and converter were integrated, ensuring the smooth operation of this groundbreaking project.

Each day, as the sun made its arduous journey across the sky, the solar panel worked tirelessly, generating energy and charging 60 power boxes. These power boxes became a beacon of hope for the char households, illuminating their humble abodes and offering a means to charge their cherished mobile phones. It was a transformation that brought joy and convenience to their lives.

The visionary minds behind this remarkable endeavor were none other than Dr. Abu Shonchoy, an esteemed Adjunct Assistant Professor from the University of Tokyo, and Dr. Tasmiat Rahaman, a diligent Research Fellow from the University of Southampton. They were joined by Mr. Enamul Haque, the resolute Director of Business and Development at MOMODa Foundation. Together, they seized the initiative, taking the first steps toward change in the waning days of December 2016.

In those days, this collaborative effort represented a beacon of hope, a symbol of progress in a world still grappling with the limitations of its own advancements. The Solar Boat Charged Project stood as a testament to the power of human ingenuity and the unwavering spirit of those who sought to make a difference in the lives of others.

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