June 14, 2023

Opinion Exchange Meeting Held at Gaibandha

An Opinion Exchange Meeting was recently held in Gaibandha, Bangladesh, providing a platform for community members, stakeholders, and experts to come together and share their perspectives on various issues of local significance. The meeting aimed to foster dialogue, gather diverse opinions, and promote community participation in decision-making processes.

During the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and concerns regarding topics such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, agriculture, and social welfare. The exchange of opinions allowed for a better understanding of the needs and aspirations of the community, enabling stakeholders to identify key areas for improvement and potential solutions.

The meeting also facilitated networking and collaboration among individuals and organizations working towards common goals in Gaibandha. It served as a platform for knowledge sharing, information dissemination, and the exchange of best practices, empowering participants to collectively address challenges and seize opportunities for development and progress.

Opinion Exchange Meetings like this play a vital role in fostering a sense of ownership and active engagement within the community. They provide a democratic space for individuals to voice their concerns, offer suggestions, and contribute to the decision-making processes that impact their lives.

By organizing such meetings, local authorities, NGOs, and community leaders aim to promote transparency, accountability, and inclusive governance. The insights and opinions shared during these gatherings help shape policies, programs, and initiatives that align with the aspirations and needs of the people of Gaibandha.

The Opinion Exchange Meeting held in Gaibandha signifies a significant step towards participatory development, enabling community members to actively contribute to shaping their future. It exemplifies the power of inclusive dialogue and collaborative decision-making in fostering sustainable and people-centered development in the region.

DC Mr. Abdul Matin made this comment on October 17, 2020, at Gaibandha when he was attending an opinion exchange meeting as chief guest organized by MOMODa FOUNDATION.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Md. Jasim Uddin, Chairperson, MOMODa FOUNDATION briefly stated the aims and objectives of the foundation. He urged to help the foundation to stop child marriage. Additional District Magistrate Mr. Md Sadiqur Rahman emphasized reducing child marriage by involving local communities. AC Land Mr. Md Nahidur Rahman opined to build awareness among the marriage registrar. UP Chairman Mr. Md. Jahangir Kabir mentioned that they are active to reduce child marriage.


Mr Matin in his closing speech mentioned that local representatives and NGOs can play a great role to resist child marriage. Among others the District Education Officer Mr Md. Masumul Islam, Union Parishad Chairman Mr. Md. Samchul Alom Sorker, Gazariya, Gaibandha. Mr Md. Anowar Hosaain, Udakali, Gaibandha. Mr Md. Rabbi Abdullah, Idilpur Gaibandha was present.


A PowerPoint presentation on Organizational Activity was done by Mr Enamul Haque, Executive Director while HM Masudur Rahman, Project Director, and all research and administrative officials were present. The event was moderated by Esmat Jahan Ete Assistant Manager, Admin. The meeting comes to an end with all stakeholders’ commitment to reducing child marriage.

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