June 13, 2023

Month long Lab in field experiment held at Gaibandha

Experience the excitement and innovation as a month-long lab in-field experiment takes place in Gaibandha. Immerse yourself in this immersive and hands-on research endeavor that brings together experts, researchers, and local communities to address pressing challenges. Witness the dynamic exchange of ideas, data collection, and analysis, as participants collaborate to find practical solutions for real-world problems. Explore the diverse range of experiments and projects conducted, showcasing the power of on-the-ground research and its potential for positive impact. This month-long lab in-field experiment in Gaibandha promises to push boundaries, foster innovation, and contribute to meaningful change in the local community and beyond. Nikolai Armand Schaffner who is a researcher from Oxford University has visited and conducted Lab in a field experiment at Gaibandha Project Office. He was here to work on the research project titled ‘Micro equity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing Based Micro-Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh’. This project considers an innovative new microfinance product, based on the principles of equity financing, in which promising potential entrepreneurs are provided with capital, training, and mentorship to help them become online freelancers. He stayed at Gaibandha for a month-long from 8th September 2019 to 6th October 2019 and visited the project locations. He has worked with potential micro-entrepreneurs who passed the screening stage for our online freelancing project. He has also subsequently conducted 17 sessions regarding lab field experiments where ten freelancers participated in each of the sessions. Mr. Nikolai also presented as the keynote speaker in a capacity development workshop organized by Corporate Office in Dhaka. He delivered his valuable speech about the lab in-field experiment and the challenges of using the software in the field.



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