June 13, 2023

MOMODa FOUNDATION hosts an Iftar Mahfil in Gaibandha.

Join MOMODa FOUNDATION in Gaibandha as they host a heartwarming Iftar Mahfil. Experience the spirit of community and togetherness as individuals from diverse backgrounds come together to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Immerse yourself in the joyous atmosphere as delicious meals are shared, prayers are offered, and bonds are strengthened. Witness the foundation’s commitment to fostering unity, compassion, and social cohesion as they organize this meaningful event. Celebrate the essence of Ramadan and the power of collective efforts in creating a harmonious society with MOMODa FOUNDATION’s Iftar Mahfil in Gaibandha. Following the tradition, MOMODa FOUNDATION hosted an Iftar Mahfil for around 200 people in Gaibandha on Saturday Evening. The Iftar Mahfil was hosted among underprivileged people who usually do not enjoy the same standards of living or rights as the majority of people in a community. Community members who were fastings were invited to enjoy the meal at Al-Madina Mosque, located in Nasratpur, Gaibandha. Foundation also arranged another event for MOMODa partners, well-wishers, guests from the nearby community, and office staff at the Foundation’s Gaibandha office on the following day. A special prayer was offered from both events seeking the welfare and prosperity of the Foundation as well as mankind and the nation.

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