June 13, 2023

Message from Chairman, MOMODa FOUNDATION – June 2017

Read a special message from the Chairman of MOMODa FOUNDATION in the June 2017 edition. Gain valuable insights into the foundation’s vision, mission, and ongoing initiatives. Discover the chairman’s reflections, plans, and inspiring words that highlight the foundation’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the foundation’s leadership and stay updated on their transformative work.MOMODa FOUNDATION has been working in both rural and urban Bangladesh 0since 2011. Our services include Action Research, Survey, and Analysis, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, Training, Capacity Building Assistance, Research Dissemination, Policy Dialogue, and Field Trip Assistance. Since its inception, we are engaged with the world’s renowned academic and research institutions, universities, and funding partners with active collaboration with local public and private organizations, national and international organizations, donor communities, and NGOs.

We are excited to initiate this monthly newsletter, aiming to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners on issues related to development initiatives and narrative keeping the focus on Bangladesh with a global outlook. This newsletter will also be an effective means to let our friends, partners, and network showcase our various activities throughout the year. I wish this newsletter a great success.

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