June 15, 2023

IFPRI Country Representative Visits MOMODa FOUNDATION

The MOMODa Foundation had the honor of hosting a visit from the IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute) Country Representative, marking an important collaboration in the field of research and development. This visit provided an opportunity for the IFPRI representative to gain firsthand insights into the work and initiatives of the MOMODa Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to addressing critical social issues.

During the visit, the IFPRI representative had the chance to interact with the team members of the MOMODa Foundation, including researchers, project coordinators, and community workers. They engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing knowledge and experiences related to their respective fields of expertise.

The visit also involved a tour of the MOMODa Foundation’s facilities, including research laboratories, community centers, and training venues. The IFPRI representative had the opportunity to observe ongoing projects and witness the impact of the foundation’s interventions on the ground.

Through this collaboration, the MOMODa Foundation and IFPRI aimed to foster mutual learning, explore potential areas of partnership, and exchange best practices in research and development. The visit enabled both organizations to deepen their understanding of each other’s work, strengthen their networks, and explore opportunities for future collaborations.

Overall, the visit of the IFPRI Country Representative to the MOMODa Foundation showcased the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration in driving positive change. It emphasized the shared commitment of both organizations to address pressing social challenges and improve the lives of individuals and communities through evidence-based research and innovative interventions.

  Mehrab Bakhtiar an Acting Country Representative of, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) visited the MOMODa FOUNDATION Project Office, Gaibandha on May 21, 2022, and talked to the participants of the Freelancing (Financing Virtual Migration for High-growth Microentrepreneur) project about various income related issues.


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