June 15, 2023

Executive Director visited 8 Jute Mills

The Executive Director of the organization embarked on a significant visit to 8 Jute Mills, showcasing a commitment to engagement and collaboration within the jute industry. The visit aimed to gain firsthand insights into the operations, challenges, and opportunities of the jute mills, as well as to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders.

During the visit, the Executive Director had the opportunity to interact with mill managers, workers, and other relevant personnel. The discussions revolved around various aspects, including production processes, quality control measures, labor conditions, market dynamics, and sustainability practices within the jute industry.

The Executive Director’s visit also provided a platform for knowledge-sharing and exchange of best practices. They shared insights and experiences from other sectors, highlighting potential strategies for enhancing productivity, promoting worker welfare, and improving environmental sustainability in the jute mills.

Furthermore, the visit aimed to foster collaboration and partnership between the organization and the jute mills. The Executive Director discussed opportunities for joint initiatives, such as skill development programs, technology adoption, market diversification, and research collaborations. These partnerships aimed to drive innovation, enhance competitiveness, and create sustainable growth within the jute industry.

By personally visiting the jute mills, the Executive Director demonstrated a hands-on approach and a genuine interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry. The visit served as a platform for dialogue, relationship-building, and exploring avenues for mutual growth and development.

Overall, the Executive Director’s visit to the 8 Jute Mills showcased the organization’s commitment to the Jute industry and its stakeholders. The visit aimed to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and explore partnership opportunities to create a thriving, sustainable, and socially responsible jute sector.

MOMODa FOUNDATION initiated a Climate Change Research Project at Khulna. Mr Enam Executive Director visited 8 Jute Mills in the Khulna area and meet the management for their consent to participate in the research.

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