June 15, 2023

ENGINE Research Collaboration Meeting

The ENGINE (Empowering New Generations to Improve Nutrition and Economic Opportunities) Research Collaboration Meeting brought together a diverse group of researchers, experts, and stakeholders to foster collaboration and exchange knowledge. This meeting served as a platform for sharing research findings, exploring potential synergies, and discussing innovative approaches to address nutrition and economic challenges.

During the Research Collaboration Meeting, participants engaged in productive discussions, workshops, and presentations focused on key areas of interest within the ENGINE project. These areas may include nutrition-sensitive agriculture, value chain development, gender empowerment, and policy advocacy. The meeting facilitated an exchange of ideas, methodologies, and best practices, promoting a collaborative and learning-oriented environment.

The collaboration meeting also provided an opportunity to review ongoing research projects, evaluate their progress, and identify areas for improvement and further exploration. Researchers and stakeholders presented their work, shared insights, and received feedback from peers and experts in the field.

The meeting encouraged cross-disciplinary interactions, enabling participants to explore potential collaborations and partnerships. Researchers from different institutions and backgrounds had the opportunity to connect, network, and establish synergies that could lead to joint research initiatives, publications, and policy recommendations.

By the end of the meeting, participants gained a deeper understanding of the complexities and interconnections between nutrition and economic development. They were equipped with new perspectives, research findings, and innovative approaches to address nutrition challenges and promote sustainable economic opportunities.

The ENGINE Research Collaboration Meeting served as a vital platform for fostering collaboration, building networks, and advancing research in the fields of nutrition and economic development. It aimed to generate actionable insights, evidence-based solutions, and policy recommendations to improve the well-being and economic opportunities of vulnerable populations.

Through this meeting, researchers and stakeholders joined forces to contribute to positive and lasting changes in nutrition outcomes and economic empowerment, striving to create a healthier, more prosperous future for individuals and communities.

  MOMODa FOUNDATION has become one of the partners of Queen’s University of Belfast to implement the THRIFT (Transforming Households through Refraction and Innovative Financial Technology) research project.

Again, THRIFT is a part of ENGINE (Eyecare Nurtures Good-health, Innovation, driviNg-safety, and Education) is the first research project to explore how eyecare can drive progress toward achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation, ENGINE will deliver four novel trials in four countries through the work of 29 organizations. Knowledge gathered from these trials has the potential to improve the lives of millions of children, teens, adults, and elders.

ENGINE will apply a single low-cost intervention, glasses, to overcome the largest unaddressed disability in the world, vision loss. ENGINE will transform lives by creating safer roads for all, financial independence and healthy aging for the elderly, and smart schooling for children.

Since this is a multi-stakeholder project, all PIs, Researchers, and Project Management personnel meet virtually once a week to keep updated about the project’s progress. Besides, bidirectional learning sessions are also taking place fortnightly with a view to the joy of learning from each other and together.

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