June 14, 2023

Capacity Development Workshop Conducted by Dr. Natalia Rigol Held at MOMODa FOUNDATION Corporate Office

Dr. Natalia Rigol, a renowned expert in capacity development, recently conducted a highly informative workshop at the corporate office of the MOMODa FOUNDATION. The workshop focused on enhancing the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the participants in areas relevant to their professional growth and organizational development.

During the workshop, Dr. Natalia Rigol shared valuable insights, practical strategies, and best practices in capacity development. She emphasized the importance of fostering a learning culture, building effective teams, and developing leadership skills within an organization. Through interactive sessions, case studies, and group activities, participants were actively engaged in acquiring new knowledge and refining their abilities.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including strategic planning, project management, communication and collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making. Dr. Natalia Rigol guided the designing and implementing of capacity development programs tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the MOMODa FOUNDATION.

Participants had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Natalia Rigol’s extensive experience and engage in fruitful discussions on capacity development challenges and opportunities. They gained practical tools and techniques to enhance their individual and collective performance, empowering them to contribute more effectively to the foundation’s mission and goals.

The MOMODa FOUNDATION, known for its commitment to continuous improvement and professional development, organized the workshop as part of its efforts to strengthen internal capacity and ensure sustainable growth. By investing in capacity development, the foundation aimed to equip its employees with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex challenges and drive positive change in their respective roles.

The workshop conducted by Dr. Natalia Rigol at the MOMODa FOUNDATION corporate office was a resounding success. Participants left with a deeper understanding of capacity development principles, practical strategies, and a renewed sense of motivation to apply their learnings in their daily work.

The MOMODa FOUNDATION remains dedicated to supporting the ongoing professional growth of its employees and harnessing their potential to make a meaningful impact in the communities they serve. The capacity development workshop conducted by Dr. Natalia Rigol stands as a testament to the foundation’s commitment to excellence and continuous learning.

The workshop was organized by MOMODa FOUNDATION on the 14th of November, 2019. Dr. Natalia Rigol, Assistant Professor, at Harvard University, took the lead of the workshop titled “Field-Based Research Techniques and Practices”.

The professor shared invaluable insights into effective research techniques and practices with the FOUNDATION’s research team. Among the key issues she discussed include data quality systems, Dos and Don’ts in data collection processes, training on the protocols, back-translation in a questionnaire, field manual, the importance of household tracking, quality checks, etc.

Among the participants of MOMODa FOUNDATION was Md. Jasim Uddin (Chairperson), Mr. Enamul Haque (Executive Director), HM Masudur Rahman (Senior Research Associate), Mr. Nazmus Saqib (Research assistant), Md. Abdul Kader (Research Assistant), Jahangir Alam (Research Assistant), Md. Johurul Islam (Research Assistant), Liku Rani Saha (Asst. Manager, Accounts), Ms. Nigar Sultana (Admin Officer).

On completion of the emphatic presentation, she thanked MOMODa FOUNDATION for arranging and cooperating with such a wonderful workshop. Finally, she put her comments in the visitors’ book of MOMODa FOUNDATION.


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