Mehrab Bakhtiar

Mehrab Bakhtiar





To check the practicability, if the research initiative is initiated this area.

Period of visit

January 9,2017

Places visited

Ramcahndrapur & Kholahati, unions of Gaibandha District.


Mr. Mehrab Bakhtiar, who is a consultant of the World Bank. Currently he is pursuing Graduate Studies in Development Economics from University of Maryland College Park. He is a former Research Coordinator of Innovations for Poverty Action (ipa). To have an interest in doing a research with community young people, Mr. Bakhtiar recently visited MOMODa FOUNDATION in Gaibandha Project Office.

Very opening part of his visit here in Gaibandha, Mr. Bakhtiar along with MOMODa team visited Ramchandrapur,a union of Gaibandha District and met couple of young people who were asked about their current professional state and future career prospects. The discussion was all about freelancing and its prospects. With that discussion, Mr. Bakhtiar wanted to check their desire on freelancing training and involvement opportunity with minimum cost bearing.

Later on, he met a microcredit borrower group at Kholahati, another union of Gaibandha district and discussed different types of loaning system and intended to discover behavioral aspects of intra group member’s decision regarding loan exchange, is related with behavioral economics.