Information Nudges and Telephonic Remedial Sessions to Prevent Learning Decay During COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Category: Research Brief

Published Date: 2021-09-03



COVID-19 has created unprecedented difficulties for the education sector in Bangladesh, as schools remain closed since March 2020. To tackle this crisis, Bangladesh has taken a multi-pronged approach—delivering education through the national terrestrial television. However, the uptake of these programs has been low among rural students. 

Through a randomized field experiment, this study aims to test the impact of regular and repetitive information nudges on televised programs' uptake-delivered by SMS (Short Message Service) and automated voice calls to households. A random sub-set of treated students will additionally receive regular telephone-based tutoring support. The learning impact will be measured utilizing exams and SMS-based spot quizzes with achievement rewards.

This study will help understand effective solutions to reduce learning decay during the pandemic, which is scalable for both Bangladesh and other developing countries.