Empowering the Working Children through Mobilization and Capacity Building Approach Project

Category: Gender and Equity
Principal Investigator:

Research Area: Child Protection and Empowerment

Funder/Donor/Agency: World Vision Bangladesh

Geographical Location: Chattogram City Corporation

Timeline: January 2020 to April 2020 (end-line evaluation)

Status: Completed (The report is under the final review)

Researchers Invited from MOMODa FOUNDATION:

Sadequl Islam (Study Team Leader)

Abdul Mannan (Qualitative Study Lead)

Md. Nazmus Saqib (Study Coordinator)

 Md. Mohsin (Data Administration)

Status: Completed

Methods: This final evaluation used qualitative and quantitative information from mainly primary sources of data collection methods. 458 Household representatives were interviewed and data were collected using the mobile data collection platform (SurveyCTO) for the quantitative information. 11 FGDs, 20 KIIs, 5 case studies, and several meetings were conducted for capturing qualitative information from the NFE (Non-formal education) parents, Skill development trainee parents, LSBE (life skill-based education) children, TVET (technical and vocational education and training) children, CPCs (child protection committee), Ward Commissioners, relevant government officials,  NFE school teachers, job providers, project staff, etc.


Summary of findings: The end-line study