Improving Hygiene Practice using a Mobile Phone-Based Platform: The case in Bangladesh

Category: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene - WASH
Principal Investigator:

Dr. Abu S Shonchoy

Dr. Chikako Yamauchi

Dr. Resmaan Hussam

Status: Completed

Improved hygiene practices have direct links with reduction of diarrheal incidents and other water-borne diseases (like impetigo). Simple practices of washing hands with soaps (especially after toilets and before meal), wearing footwear, avoidance of open defecation and proper water treatment and preservation have proven impacts on health outcome. But unfortunately, in Bangladesh like other developing countries this simple preventative health and hygiene habits are substantial, take-up is negligible. Very negligible percent of people showed by UNICEF 2011 who used these preventative measures to improve health outcome were only 54.7. This statistic is considerably lower in remote rural, such as River