Salinity & Productivity: Is There a Link? Impact of Climate Change in Coastal Areas of Bangladesh

Category: Climate Change
Principal Investigator:

Research Area: Climate Change

Donor Agency: J-PAL (K-CAI), and PEDL

Geographical Location: Khulna, Bangladesh 

Timeline: April 2022 to June 2023

Status: Ongoing (Preparatory stage)

Principal Investigator

Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy of Florida International University

Status: On-Going

Methods: Multi-methodology has been designed for this study. These are quantitative data collection, qualitative data collection, and salinity measurement in a scientific method.

Description: We have collected drinking water salinity data from 20 Jutes mill from Khulna & Bagerhat districts. We have also collected salinity data from 80 households of jute mill workers in the same areas. We have also obtained permission from the Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association to conduct the study to their affiliated factories. Besides, we have obtained positive consent from six jute mills to conduct the study at their factories. Now our plan is to conduct a year-round comparative