Solar Boat Charge Project

Solar Boat Charge Project

  • Technology Transfer Project
  • 1000
  • Gaibandha

The social business model provides service and generates income.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Abu S Shonchoy

Dr. Tasmiat Rahman

Project Area

Kunderpara Char at Gaibandha District

Project Description

Kunderpara is a charred area in the Gaibandha district. It has no grid electricity connection to any house or bazaar. People in the area are suffering from an acute need for electricity. MOMODa FOUNDATION realizes solar energy as an alternative source of energy which is a suitable solution to the problem. We in collaboration with Southampton University UK, started Solar Boat Charged Project to replace the kerosene lantern as the lighting source in un-electrified char households. We have installed an 800 Wp Solar Panel on the roof of a boat. Every day 60 power box is charged from the Solar Panel which is being distributed to the Char Household for lighting their houses and charging mobile phones. We have developed a social business model for distributing solar power among off-grid houses. The provision is cost-effective, efficient, and non-polluting lighting services to the rural poor is an important step in alleviating poverty. MOMODa FOUNDATION provides these services in an easy, flexible, and installment-based system. The social business model provides service and generates income.

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