Livelihood Technical Project and Community Engagement and Sponsorship Plan

Principal Investigator

Research Area: Community Development

Funder/Donor/Agency: World Vision Bangladesh

Geographical Location: Bandarban District

Timeline: March 2020 to June 2020 (end-line evaluation report)

Status: Completed (The report is under the first review)

Researchers Invited from MOMODa FOUNDATION:

Dr. Aminur Rahman (Study Team Leader)

Md. Mohsin (Data Administration)

Md. Nazmus Saqib (Data Administration)

Md. Enamul Haque (Study Coordination)

Project Area

Bandarban District, Bangladesh

Project Background

Objectives: The purpose of the End Programme Evaluation study is to explore the impacts of the program in the lives of children, families, communities, partners, and stakeholders with a focus on the child-wellbeing outcomes concerning the project's expected outcomes.

Background: World Vision is an International Christian Humanitarian Relief and Development Organization serving children, their families, and communities to alleviate poverty from the world. The Bandarban Area Program (Bandarban AP) started its journey in 1991 and the lifetime of the AP is up to 2020.  This program has been implemented in four working areas in Bandarban district namely Municipality, Soyalak, Kuhalong, and Bandarban Sadar and a total of 137 Villages and Mahallas have been covered. The project has provided interventions on child education, child and maternal health, child safety and protection, disaster management, agriculture, etc.  This end-line study was conducted in a bid to get insight into the progress it achieved through interventions against the baseline situation of the project.

Project Description

Methods: The report has been prepared with data collected by both qualitative and quantitative surveys. A total of 655 households were surveyed in February 2020 to collect quantitative data and several KKIs were conducted through phone calls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. MOMODa FOUNDATION was given a rough and tough data set by the World Vision Bangladesh (WVB). MOMODa research team has cleaned, prepared, and organized the data set. Then the data was analyzed and the report has been prepared by keeping a close connection with the WVB team. The report is now under an initial review of the WVB officials.

Summary of Findings: As evidenced by the end-line data, the project has gained a good achievement although a few limitations have been identified in line with achieving the desired targets. To mention a few, it has achieved a remarkable improvement in child malnutrition, and child safety. Beyond this, it has created a direct impact on the lives of the beneficiaries by increasing their life skills and earning capacity.

Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, MOMODa FOUNDATION has displayed its ingrained commitment and professionalism by maintaining all the stipulated deadlines.