Digital School Management Project (DSMP)

Principal Investigator

Donor Agency: Florida International University.

Geographical Location: Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Timeline: February, 2020 to February, 2021

Status: On-going (postponed due to schools are closed for COVID-19 effect)

Principal Investigator

Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy of Florida International University.

Project Area

Rangpur, Bangladesh.

Project Background

Objectives: The objective of the Digital School Management Project (DSMP) is to identify how a better digital school management system works in Bangladesh. The project aims to find the gap between fingerprints based attendance system and the traditional attendance system. Also, the study will address the efficiency and effectiveness of the digital attendance system for both students & teachers at the school. Finally, the research wants to explore how the digital attendance system impact on student's results and school management as well. 

Background: School Management Project (SMP) is the fingerprints based attendance system which helps to automate the attendance system for students and teachers. MOMODa FOUNDATION in collaboration of Florida International University has undertaken this project for implementation at Rangpur District.

Project Description

Methods: Both qualitative and quantitative research tools have been designed for this study.  

Description: A total of 40 schools have selected for this research. 20 schools will be taken for the treatment group to install the digital attendance system and the rest 20 schools will remain as the control for the study. The digital attendance device will send SMS to the guardian regarding the presence and absence of his/her students at the school. The Headmaster will receive SMS from the teacher’s attendance status. Along with the attendance data the digital system will work with the exam management, result management student enrollment, tuition fee management, and overall school management system. Weekly data collection will be done from all the 40 schools and digital data from the 20 treatment schools.