MOMODa FOUNDATION, in collaboration with the University of Oxford, launched a new initiative to
promote online freelancing in rural areas of the Gaibandha District. The program provides training and
resources to individuals among rural youths, enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to work remotely. By connecting the remote areas to the global market, the initiative aims to
create new income streams and employment opportunities, helping to combat rural poverty and
unemployment. As remote work became increasingly prevalent, this program offers a promising
solution for those seeking to improve their economic prospects and quality of life while remaining in
their communities. This project aims to collect 336 samples and the total waved completed so far is
6 (per wave 2 batches). The total eligible number of participants is 221 and the enrolled number is
MOMODa Foundation’s efforts are a step towards a more inclusive and equitable future of work and

access to global clients to earn a competitive wage. Oxford University, Florida International Universi-
Principal Investigators: Muhammad Meki (Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University

of Oxford), Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy (Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics, Florida International Univer-
city), M Mehrab Bakhtiar (Ph.D., Acting Country Representative, International Food Policy Research

Institute), Simon Quinn (University of Oxford).
Partner: PEDL and FCDO/UKAID and the University of Oxford.

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