MOMODa FOUNDATION aims to build a better world by intervening in a comprehensive way. Listed below are the defined objectives of the foundation -

  • To pilot, evaluate and scale-up innovative solutions to bridge the information, technology and product gap that exists in rural Bangladesh. To conduct experiments on social development activities and other social issues; and to rigorously evaluate the impacts of these activities and experiments.
  • To establish, organize and conduct training facilities for skill enhancement and capacity building aiming for disadvantageous and under-privilege population of Bangladesh. To provide market and supply chain linkage to people and communities involve in farming and non-farming sector activities with urban retail channels ensuring fair price at both producers and consumers ends.
  • Creating job-banks and skill-centres to provide quick and easy access of job openings to the skilled workers trained at the local areas. Facilitating and implementing support program for improving education and health sector of Bangladesh.
  • Reaching-out to the people with relief and rehabilitation works during the time of man-made or natural disasters to ensure proper disaster management, right targeting with innovative and better incentivized products and services to make people reap the best during the time of crisis.
  • Provide better and innovative solutions to ensure financial access and inclusivity for the unbanked population of Bangladesh.
  • To generate employment for jobless youths.
  • To establish women empowerment in the society and to establish dignity and rights of women in every sphere of social and economic life.
  • To facilitate migration activities of future migrants to foreign countries by providing them required training to acquire skills, occupational health and safety information as well as job and wage related consulting and advocacy  support to smooth the migration process.
  • To provide consultancy service to local and international business and public entities on market linkage, strategic management, effective business solutions, market assessment and human resource related issues.
  • To provide an effective platform for foreigners to initiate collaborative research, market and investment communication with local public, private and NGO communities by ensuring smooth and secured travel arrangements, scheduling business meetings and providing support for legal and administrative issues in Bangladesh.