The 10th Volume of Newsletter of MOMODa published recently

Published Date: 31-05-2022


MOMODa FOUNDATION, one of the research-based development organizations, has been implementing various development research and projects to build a poverty and hunger-free Bangladesh for more than a decade. For sharing its activities, experiences, and learnings with the different bodies of government, different NGOs and INGOs, donor and funding agencies, various stakeholders, and others, a bi-monthly newsletter has been published regularly. Recently we have published the 10th volume of the newsletter of MOMODa. In this issue, we have highlighted our ongoing projects along with some upcoming projects, the challenges we have faced in implementing the projects, and MOMODa’s other activities. MOMODa FOUNDATION is happy to share the ‘Newsletter’ of May 2022 for your kind information. For further details, please find the PDF file