MOMODa Organized Session on “Key Role of Community Informant” under FLFP project

Published Date: 29-05-2022


MOMODa FOUNDATION conducted six sessions titled "Key role of the community informant" for the community informant of the FLFP project. A total of 151 community informants from various Gaibandha district villages, or nearly 79 percent of the total community informants, participated in these sessions. Two of the six sessions were for the control group, while the remaining four were for the community informant of treatment groups. The entire meeting took place in the lecture room of the MOMODa project headquarters in Gaibandha. In these sessions, the MOMODa provides a comprehensive presentation on the role and responsibilities of the community informant. The attendees were also given information regarding two new training institutes in addition to GUK, Gaibandha especially Gaibandha Vocational Training Centre and Sarah Institute of E-generation, as well as their ongoing training programs. In addition, attendees were encouraged to ask any questions they had encountered while working in the neighborhood.

Since 2019, MOMODa FOUNDATION in conjunction with IDE-JETRO and Florida International University has been conducting a randomized controlled trial (RCT) in Gaibandha on "Whether and How Role Model Encourages Female Labor Force Participation (FLFP)?"