Enduring More Agency and Community Surveillance Support to Reduce Child marriage

Published Date: 09-08-2021


Bangladesh has one of the highest rates of female child marriage in the world with 2 in 3 girls marring before 18. It occurs mostly frequently in poor rural households where girls are often undernourished. This physical condition, coupled with early child birth, creates the risk of premature birth and neonatal (or infant) death. Early child bearing in poor household is also associated with infant malnourishment and higher total fertility, which can create long-term poverty traps.

MOMODa FOUNDATION proposed using digital technologies to enhance the enforcement of child marriage laws in rural areas of Bangladesh. MOMODa aim to achieve this by-

I.             Ensuring universal birth registration of girls within a target groups (aged 14-17); and

II.            Developing a mobile phone based surveillance and reporting –connecting enforcing agencies   with potential victims and reliable data on birth dates-to limit the practice of child marriage in Bangladesh.

MOMODa FOUNDATION and researchers from Florida International University and Kent University by the donation of Grand Challenge Canada (GCC) have been registered the target girl’s birth registration as Central Birth registration Server of Bangladesh.