Financing Virtual Migration : Freelancing Incubation in North Bangladesh

Published Date: 05-07-2021


The northern region of Bangladesh is not well-connected with the large, urban labor markets of the capital city and has the lowest participation rate in the labor market.

Bringing employment growth and entrepreneurship creation to this area is a top priority for MOMODa FOUNDATION, especially for females, who have few job opportunities, particularly in rural areas, given patriarchal social norms, purdhah restrictions, and family obligations that hinder active labor force participation.

MOMODa FOUNDATION and researchers from Oxford, Florida International University, and IFPRI are currently trailing an online freelancing platform that can enable many rural youths, especially women, to enter into online-based micro-entrepreneurship – the freedom to work from home and access to global clients to earn a competitive wage.

Sarah Institution of E-Generation, a local implementing partner, is executing this project.