The research team overviews the online freelancing project in Gaibandha

Published Date: 08-04-2018


The research team including Dr. Simon Quinn, Dr. Abu Shonchoy and Muhammad Meki visited the project site in Gaiabndha. On Monday noon, April 9, 2018 the research team visited GUK Institute of Engineering and Technology where an online freelancing training is ongoing under the project named ‘Skin in the Game: Micro-equity and Mentorship for Online Freelancing based Micro-entrepreneurs in Bangladesh’. This is an experimental intervention which is being jointly conducted by Dr. Abu Shonchoy (with Dr. Simon Quinn, Mehrab Bakhtiar and Muhammad Meki). The research team talked with both trainers and trainees separately. To know about the future prospects and challenges, trainees were asked about their motivation and the area of interest on different aspects of online freelancing. The research team also observed the individual progress and asked to show further their accomplished project.