Dr. Abu Shonchoy together with Dr. Resmaan Hussam Visited the Project sites in Gaibandha.

Published Date: 15-12-2017


Dr. Abu Shonchoy of New York University together with Dr. Reshmaan Hussam of Harvard University has recently visited the project sites in Gaibandha. The visit was scheduled on 14th of December, 2017 and was accompanied by MOMODa FOUNDATION Research team. During the visit, visitors visited different sites of the Hand Washing in Bangladesh (HIB) project area. The purpose of the visit was to observe the participant’s behavioral changes which are conformance with general objectives of the project. The visitors also visited a Char (River Island) area and met a school head teacher and a group leader of a Micro-credit borrower group to know about the state of child marriage and female education in that particular area.