MOMODa FOUNDATION has been certified with Equivalency Determination (ED) by NGOsource.

Published Date: 18-09-2017


MOMODa FOUNDATION has completed the Equivalency Determination (ED) process analysis and has been certified as equivalent to US public organization by the NGOsource. U. S. based grant makers, who are looking for cross border grantees, assesses through NGOsource, whether grantee is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. In the process outline, NGOsource required a set of documents and other information from FOUNDATION in order to make the determination that MOMODa FOUNADTION is equivalent of U.S based public organization. As an NGO with Equivalency Determination (ED) certification, MOMODa FOUNDATION is now able to channeling the U.S grants without having any hassle regarding tax compliance requirements or other legal analyses.