Dr. Shonchoy recently presented at ADB conference on Impact Evaluation in Philippine.

Published Date: 27-09-2014


The Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie) and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) came together as partners to organizeMaking Impact Evaluation Matter, a large international conference on impact evaluation in Asia from 3rd to 5th September, 2014. It waspreceded by 2.5 days of pre-conference workshops on impact evaluation from 1-3 September. Over 500 participants from around the world, with an equal mix of policymakers, program managers and researchers participated in this mega event.

There were five to six streams of pre-conference workshops and up to eight streams of parallel sessions, allowing for over 150 presentations taking place in these 2.5 days. Speakers for the sessions included distinguished international figures from the field of impact evaluation as well as development practionaires, academics and policy makers.Paper presentations were on all aspects of impact evaluation, including findings, methods and translation of evidence into policy. Parallel sessions organized around the following themes/sectors: (a) infrastructure (b) climate change/ environment/ natural resources (c) social development (d) rural development (e) incorporation of impact evaluation into institutional appraisal and results frameworks (f) impact evaluation of institutional and policy reform and (g) impact evaluation methods,

Howard White(Executive director, 3ie), Dr. Anneth Brown( Deputy director, 3ie), Dr.JoytsnaPuri(deputy executive director and head of evaluation, 3ie), Dr. Philip Devies(Deputy director, synthesis and Reviews), Berly Leach(Policy advocacy and communication officer, 3ie), Dr. ShagunSabarwal (Evaluation specialist), Dr. Markus Olapade (Evaluation specialist), Radhika Menon(Senior communication Officer), Heather Lenthorn (Evaluation specialist) and StutiTripathi (Senior Policy Officer) were the main instructors of pre-conference workshop.

A large number of Bangladeshi representatives from many Government and Non-government organizations participated in the event. SANEM, BRAC, ICDDR,B and ministry of Planning and Finance were the leading organization from Bangladesh to present their research finding in the conference. SANEM Fellow, Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy (Research Fellow, IDE-JETRO and Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo), Md.Ashadul Islam (Program Manager, GUK), Md. Sujan Uddin (Research Associate, SANEM) and HM Masudur Rahman(Research Associate, SANEM) represented SANEM in the conference.

Dr. Shonchoy presented the IZA/GLM/IDRC funded ongoing research project at the opening session of main conference. The theme of this session was ‘Training for Young Asian Workers: Non-goverment vs Government Perspectives’which was organized by IDRCand moderated by Dr. Emmanuel Jimenez of the World Bank. There were three panelists in the session presenting papers on Bangladesh, Mongolia and China.

Dr. Abu Shonchoy presented another two presentations at the 12th and 25th session in the event. The sessions include the “Microfinance in South Asia”and the“Success of Poverty Alleviation Program”.Under these two separate sessions, Impact of seasonality-adjusted Flexible Microcredit on Repayment and Food consumption: Experimental evidences from Rural Bangladesh and ‘How does contract design affect the Uptake of Microcredit among the Ultra poor? Experimental Evidence from River Islands of Northern Bangladesh were the main topics of presentations.

Dr. Abu S. Shonchoy awarded two prizes for his presentation, one as theFirst Place for“Best Presentation by a Young Researcher” and 2nd place for “Best Overall Presentation”.