School Attendance in Bangladesh project has been started its extended phase.

Published Date: 09-09-2017


School attendance in Bangladesh project is committed to the study extension until June, 2018. Current project is expected to be carried from February, 2017 to October, 2017. In principle, participants of treatment arms A & B were supposed to get their remaining balance after 60 school days completed. In accordance with, parents of current participants have been disbursed the CCT transfer and is being conducted a very short two-page survey to test the understanding of parents in Treatments A and B. Apart from that, parents of current participants have been asked their informed consent for extended study. As per extended study principle, on January, 2018 Four hundred new participants of grade 7 and 8 will be recruited from same schools. The CCT intervention will continue for new families along with the old one. The intervention will show earlier face whereas, families in Treatment Group A will receive 10 taka per school day attended up to a certain balance (to be computed based on 2018 school days. Families in Treatment Group B will be awarded a certain balance  (to be computed based on 2018 school days) and lose 10 taka per school day missed. Families in Treatment group C will receive weekly SMS reminders about school attendance and families in treatment group D will receive neither CCT nor SMS is meant to be control group.